Most agencies approach media from a purely theoretical standpoint. And due to the nature of their accounts, their theories never really get tested!

Admarketing is thoroughly grounded in standard media theory. But our extensive retail and direct response experience has given us insights that have made us revise our views in the face of overwhelming evidence. Without question, one of the most important factors in our outstanding string of retail successes has been those special insights – insights that underline the weaknesses of conventional media theory.

Combine these unusual media insights with Admarketing’s huge broadcast buying power in markets around the country, and you have unbelievable power to deliver your message.

In fact, Admarketing clients usually find their media dollars work two to three times as hard as they do at more conventional agencies.

Admarketing employs the latest, most sophisticated online planning tools available to the advertising industry. In addition, Admarketing’s extensive experience in retail, direct response and packaged goods advertising has provided insights not normally available to most agencies. As a result, Admarketing has developed proprietary media models that have proven themselves unusually efficacious with a large variety of clients.

Buying – Radio and Television
Since our inception, Admarketing has recognized that the efficient purchase of radio and television time is a critical component in the execution of a successful advertising plan. Sound marketing strategies can fall short of objectives if the message does not reach the potential customer frequently enough to impact his or her behavior.

Some years ago, Admarketing established a separate, wholly owned, media buying service – Admedia – to handle all broadcast negotiations. Over the years, Admedia has become well known and well respected at stations throughout the country. Today, it enjoys the strongest reputation in the industry.

Admedia negotiates long-term agency contracts in markets where volume warrants. These “agency deals” result in highly predictable radio and television schedules at the lowest possible prices and are not subject to the rapid supply and demand price fluctuations normally experienced in broadcast.

Other Media
Admedia works hard to keep the cost of media low. One way Admedia is able to do that is through the extensive use of magazine networks. Another is through the use of barter. Admedia is tied into an extensive network of affiliated companies that barter for newspaper, magazines, billboards, bus boards, traffic reports, playbills and just about every other recognized form of media. For clients who have not been cash customers recently, barter usually means huge savings!