Decade becomes the largest selling outdoor paint in the West.


Standard Brands was a regional chain of paint and decorating stores located throughout the West.  The stores were very small by contemporary standards, and, despite its name, Standard sol no recognizable brands of pain, only store brands manufactured in their company-owend plant.


The combination of small, undersized stores and lack of nationally advertised brands led people to doubt the quality of their products.

For example, in 1982, Standard had a commanding 27% share of the interior paint market but only a 12.5% share of the exterior market.

Clearly, people were more reluctant to buy lesser quality paint for the outside of their homes where it would be exposed to harsh weather conditions than to the inside where color choices were more important.


Admarketing suggested creating a quasi “national brand” paint to be sold exclusively at Standard Brands.

And so “Decade” was born.

Decade was actually a re-packaging of a paint already in the Standard Brands line called “DeGregory’s 10 Year Paint.” A sleek, new package design greatly enhanced the quality image.  And one dollar a gallon was added to its price to pay for a heavy television campaign.


standard_chartIn 1982, Standard sold 600,000 gallons of DeGregory’s at $8.99 a gallon. In 1983, Standard sold 2.5 million gallons of “Decade” at $9.99 per gallon.

The campaign was so successful that Standard vaulted from a weak third place in exterior share to a strong first place. Sears attempted to stop the onslaught by cutting the price
of “WeatherBeater” in half but nothing helped.

Standard’s share of exterior paint sales swelled to over 30% in Southern California while Sears fell to 8½%