While Admarketing’s retail and direct response advertising have received most of the headlines, our package good advertising has been outstanding!

Most of the package goods clients Admarketing has represented are smaller companies competing with the likes of Proctor + Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, and Kraft. Needless to say, it takes outstanding strategy and execution to be successful against these well-entrenched giants. But even here, Admarketing has shown outstanding success.

Gourmet Pride, a small packaged soup company, took on Nissin Foods and its dominating Cup of Noodles product and actually achieved a higher market share in the Southern California grocery market for over a year. Saffola Oil competed very successfully with Proctor + Gamble’s Puritan Oil. And Continental Yogurt had an outstanding market share for many years competing with industry giants like Yoplait and Dannon.

Not only was Admarketing able to deliver outstanding advertising advantages in these David vs. Goliath situations, but Admarketing’s retail knowledge proved a great advantage to these smaller competitors. From food brokers to distributors to giant retail chains, Admarketing has first-hand knowledge of how this vast industry works.